Writing a zombie apocalypse story

Or a group of the elderly inside their nursing home? Write a story about different people being trapped in the elevator. I ran my fingers through my hair, my mind yapping away. Imagine roaming free, having survived while most have perished, and fighting an adversary over which you have many advantages, especially if the zombies are the shambling kind.

Pitfalls Zombie movies are a popular form of horror movie for amateur and first-time filmmakers, as they're quite cheap to make — for the most basic ones, all you really need is a few extras made-up to look like corpses, a few props that could be improvised weapons, and a place to film in.

An exciting idea, right? Maybe you want to go with a magically created.

Zombie Writing Prompts

Although there's a few common tropes amongst them, there's a few different variants. A bunch of kids stuck inside their schoolbus? As he is typing a text he thinks he hears what sounds like moaning. The threat might ultimately manifest as a traitor in the group of survivors, or rogue soldiers, or a biker gang.

You can hint at the big picture, tease, titillate, but you do not have to reveal everything. As such, many zombie movies tend to follow its basic plot — a bunch of people trapped in a house or other building, with the zombies trying to get in to eat them.

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An authoritative hero steps up when the zombies rise for unknown reasons and leads a band of misfits to survival. There are many creative methods to start a fire, a magnifying glass, friction hand drill, fire plough, flint and steel, and so on. Shannon has not told them it only seats four people but it might not matter.

Props Department Fake blood. Talk to any friends that are into camping or are survivalists, browse forums, talk to forest rangers, and read survival books. You have three options before you for a weapon. I could hear snarling and ripping of something out of this world.

And the best part is that it also works on non-zombies too! Yes, during their travels they encounter the military, but I never make those characters the focus. Moments later, they get up and start killing themselves, infected with whatever it is that is causing the newly dead to rise.

HATER has it all. Do your homework, and get it right. Potential Subversions and Variations What about a zombie apocalypse from the point of view of the zombie? We find out that the sniper is actually a doctor who is protecting a group of sick children that he was treating before the apocalypse, and is still trying to keep alive.

For further ironic valuesome kind of uniform — police, medical, military — can be useful in showing what happened to the people who were supposed to deal with this kind of thing.

Five Tips For Writing A Good Zombie Story

A bang on the patio doors makes her jump and she burns her hand on one of the oven racks. Her mouth seeped saliva like a dog waiting for a bone. If the zombies are attracted by sound only, they must always be attracted by sound, and nothing else, and the survivors should learn and exploit this at some point.

You can also consider outside factors that will hugely complicate attempts to survive. Necessary Tropes You'll need zombies, obviously. So, yes, a good zombie story should be an extremely depressing story.

Yuffie's Writing How-To's

Bad writing does the same thing. I got a hold of a lamp on a small wooden table and smashed it across her head, the force throwing her off of my shaking form. Don't forget to throw in an Incongruously Dressed Zombie or two: Suddenly, everyone seems to be going crazy and killing people, and Danny and his family do not know who is going to turn next—it could be one of them, in fact.

Costume Designer Zombies tend to be dressed in everyday clothing that has been made very ragged.Write a story about a zombie apocalypse out of control.

However, these zombies are different. These zombies are intelligent but slightly less smart than humans but still lack the physical capability to run and possess the urge to eat live human flesh. Dark short story. Set in a post apocalyptic world, a young woman has to learn to cope with a new kind of loss.

A short piece of descriptive writing about a post apocalypse world. Add to library 7 Discussion 3 Browse more Fanfiction Horror. Sage lives in the zombie apocalypse, yet she still has to go to high school.

Her city is slowly. Dec 03,  · If you are writing about the apocalypse as a war, make sure to do research about previous wars and other military ideas (if your story includes the military). Make it sensible!

Write the beginning, middle and finally end%(). Mar 03,  · Write a moral code for people during a zombie apocalypse. Jon and Les (short for Lesley) are stuck on a third floor apartment building surrounded by flesh eating monsters.

Write a short story about Jon and Les's survival or demise (you choose, or let the story decide).Reviews: 6. A story is more than when and where; a story is a growing experience, and whether it's a zombie novel, a dragon novel, an alien novel, etc., the important thing to consider is what your audience will take away from the story, and that means you have to provide some kind of relatable lesson.

Writing The Zombie Novel: Lessons on Craft

If you want to write a Zombie Apocalypse story, be aware that there's a lot out there, so you'll need to make yours stick out in some way.

You will also need to make them good. You will also need to .

Writing a zombie apocalypse story
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