Ryerson substantive editing services

Effective queries set the tone for a fruitful author-editor relationship and make the editing process more efficient.

This workshop is geared toward editors of all experience levels who would like to improve their knowledge of design fundamentals. Fortunately, there are several options to suit different needs: From the initial contact through to completion, he has been consummately professional, easy to work with and prompt in his replies and follow ups.

He writes two newspaper columns a week also available on the Internet. I also made a bunch of local connections in the business that have been quite important to me. She also provided me with contacts in proofreading, indexing and printing. During this six-hour workshop, we will discuss the following topics: Saturday, February 24, —Crunching the Numbers: In the last few years, many books and study guides have been published about editing of all kinds — structural and stylistic editing as well as copy editing.

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She has developed print and online content, marketing collateral, and courseware for small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions. Creative Collaborations Experience Stacey is an independent book designer who offers personalized, polished, and professional design services.

Ideally, having completed the in-depth course with an excellent grade, the fledgling editor then has the opportunity to work through another manuscript with a mentor. These are abilities every freelance editor needs. They will have the opportunity to discuss process and procedure, and practise their querying skills in short exercises.

Rosemary Shipton and tagged with: From toGregory was the managing editor of Theytus Books. Prior to starting the press, she worked as a freelance editor, writer, and designer. We moved to the Coldstream area in August of and have never looked back! Can we defend the need for inclusive, mindful language?

You can relax knowing that Fiona will guide you through every stage of your book design from start to finish. English Editing in Quebec: March 19, —The Art of the Query with Ruth Wilson Good querying skills are as important as any other copy editing function.

A few universities, colleges and editorial associations offer half-day, day-long and occasionally two-day seminars on various aspects of editing. She is a founding partner of West Coast Editorial Associates.

September 17, —Advanced Proofreading with Ruth Wilson Are you ready to extend your proofreading skills beyond finding typos and knowing how to mark up copy? For editors new to freelancing, this workshop covers the basic essentials; veteran freelancers will learn some tips and tricks, have their questions answered, and clarify the details.freelance editorial services Rachel Horner Editorial & Flexible to work from-home or in the client's workspace; Editing (developmental, substantive, Creative Services (2 Years) copy, and line) and proofreading; Copy writing; Use of Microsoft Office suite and Web.

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Writers must be paid for their services, including readings, manuscript evaluations, proposal writing, editing, school visits, etc (funding for some of these activities, such as school visits, may be available through sources such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and school boards).

-Did stylistic, substantive, and copy editing for the non-fiction book Oddly Entertaining: Life reflections from a sassy, “it’s possible” kind-of-girl in today’s complex world. The Nuts and Bolts of Editing Fiction—Amy J.

Schneider Panel: The Future of Self-Publishing and Editors—Stacey Atkinson, Carla Douglas, Greg Ioannou, Arlene Prunkl Crunching the Numbers: Performance Measures—Lana Okerlund. Mary Newberry Editorial Services is a sole proprietorship, within an extended community of colleagues. Scholarly editing is one of my specialties, as a copy editor and for substantive and stylistic work.

I enjoy complex materials, helping to bring clarity and concision to emerging ideas.

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I teach indexing in a course I developed for the. EDITING -- structural/substantive editing, stylistic editing, line editing and copy editing I have been a freelance editor since and spent several years deeply involved in the Editors' Association of Canada, both volunteering for the association and participating in Title: Genre Editor-for-Hire, Author.

Ryerson substantive editing services
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