Human resource management and organizational behaviour

Is it really possible to claim full mutuality when at the end of the day the employer can decide unilaterally to close the company or sell it to someone else? Theories, Concepts, And Practical Suggestions. Equal pay for equal work It is an employee right though equal pay for equal work is not expressly declared by the Constitution as a fundamental right that in view of the directive principles of state policy as contained in the article 39 d of the Indian Constitution "equal pay for equal work" has assumed the status of fundamental right.

But it is fact that very least percentage of HR managers have the skills to collect necessary data, analyze it, and present insights in a meaningful and influential way to executives.

Keith Sisson suggested that: This article also analyses why this happens and at the same time, offers some strategies that HR professionals can adopt. Year 3 Dissertation 20, words Only MSc Students undertaking the Masters programme will then go onto complete a word maximum dissertation.

Here aresome tips to become best recruiter.

Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Theories

In addition the programme provides you with the knowledge to upgrade to either Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow levels of professional membership, providing you meet the respective criteria as set by the CIPD. Retrieved September 9, The fundamental duty of safety officer is to instruct workers about about safety measures and precautions at workplace.

Faculty of Strategic Management

By implication, as Guest says: Improper and discriminating allotment of the work we will make one or the other employee feel overburden, burnout and can create conflicts among employees among members which is not good for the organisational health.

It is intended to give postgraduate students, generally managers, usually, but not exclusively working within employee relations, HRM or personnel across a range of employment organisations within the public, private and not for profit sectors, the necessary skills, knowledge and critical judgement to discuss and advise on a range of current employment law issues, procedures and situations.

Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Theories

External recruitment is the process of inviting job seekers who do not belong to or anyway related with an organisation, which simply means inviting outside candidates. Once these basic needs are accomplished, employees seek to feel safe such as job securitybe loved friendships and relationshipshave a sense of accomplishment such as through recognition or a job well done and finally, for self-actualization work that is personally fulfilling.

That study was presented at the MABA Convention in Chicago and the application to business was so novel, the research was assigned to the topic category of "Experimental Living Arrangements" confirming its status as one of the pioneering OBM documented applications. The name of the field originates from this journal publication.

Organizational behavior and human resources

Many companies offer multiple employee handbooks based on location, job classification, union membership, etc. From the organizational perspective, selecting the best candidate and the right profile are paramount. John Storey suggests that: Establishing departments and divisions according to the nature of jobs and works in order to improve the efficiency, expertise and speedup the work.

Therefore, our advice to all those entering the workforce is to ensure that they remain competitive all the time. According to What Is Organizational Behavior, these include organizational mechanisms such as culture and structure and group mechanisms such as leadership behavior and functioning of teams.

Programs offered under Marketing Management Department are: Power, in the HRM system, remains very firmly in the hands of the employer. It is the duty of employer to pay full salary for a woman employee during her maternity leave for 26 weeks.

Program Objectives Upon completion of the program Human Resource Management students will be able to: What matters is how managements treat people as ends and what managements provide in return.

The chapter concludes with a review of reservations about HRM and the relationship between HRM and personnel management. Another so-called efficiency expert was Frederick Taylor, whose theory resulted in jobs being designed to require fewer movements and a piece-rate pay system for factory workers.

But this method is not so effective due to the dual responsibilities on the welfare officers were basically appointed to deal with welfare measures and their applications in the industry. People Success A HUMAN resource officer who involves himself or herself closely in career development, and is a success enabler of employees and the organisation.

Getting work done through subordinates so as to meet the organisation's goals and objectives. In addition, any employee can access the Intranet and download confidential information.

Human resource consulting

Each year of the programme features a residential weekend as an integral part of the overall course.The programme is designed for professionals or line managers who are working in the field of Human Resource Management or Development. Students who have successfully completed the course have found it has enabled them to take on additional responsibilities and/ or move onto more senior positions within HR and/or Management.

The field of Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management (OB/HR) deals with the behavior of individuals and groups within organizations, and investigates the enhancement of the effectiveness of an organization’s human capital in order to gain competitive advantage and achieve organizational goals.

The human resource management (HRM) option provides you with comprehensive knowledge of how to manage individuals and teams for organizational success.

Organizational behavior management

Management of Organizational Behavior (10th Edition) [Paul Hersey, Kenneth H. Blanchard, Dewey E. Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Forty years in the making, Management of Organizational Behavio r is a readable text that makes behavioral sciences come alive through real life examples and progressive 4/5(76).

Organizational Behavior and Human Resources faculty serve on leading editorial boards and are active in professional organizations such as the Academy of Management, American Psychological Association, and Society. The primary objective of the course is to equip you with the tools and skills necessary to develop ideas, to lead and to manage organisational human resource management activities across corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors, and in small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Human resource management and organizational behaviour
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