European settlement of australia essay

The common law could, and did, accommodate native customary title.

European settlement in Australia Paper

Their dispossession of the land, exposure to new diseases and involvement in violent struggles resulted in the death of a vast number of Aboriginal people. The indigenous people did not have any form of political organisation.

European settlement in australia essay

It was these people who had had the most prolonged exposure to whites. The report surprisingly does not really make mention of the violence inflicted by settlers. Assimilation was designed to integrate Aboriginal people into white society by forcing them to live in the same way and hold the same beliefs and values as white Australians.

By giving an explanation of these systems it will show how the intrusion of the British destroyed them.

European settlement in Australia

Settler violence also shows a complete disrespect for Aboriginal rights and customs. Terra nullius is a Latin term meaning 'land belonging to no one. On top of that, cultural events often took place, whereby aboriginal culture was embraced and celebrated. It was these actions, along with blatant racism, that consigned Aborigines to the lowest common denominator and which brought destruction and a radical restructuring of traditional Aboriginal society.

Aboriginal people were forced into cities and towns where they were had no other option but to live on the outskirts, or in public housing subsidised by State governments. Many Aboriginal attacks on whites were for the misuse of women.

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European settlement had a disastrous impact on the Aboriginal communities in the area due to a spread of diseases, loss of livelihood, alcohol abuse and malnutrition. When Europeans first came to Australia, the Aboriginal people tried to understand the culture of the European people and share the land with them.

When the Europeans came to Australia, they needed servants so they removed the Aboriginal children from their families and forced them to learn an alien lifestyle. Though they tried to fight the diseases with their traditional medicine, it was unsuccessful.

On reserves, their traditional way of life was eroded as they became more and more dependent on handouts from the government and the church just to survive. Both government and settlers could not, or did not, want to see the adaptability of the Aborigines that eventually brought a reversal in their decline.

This assertion, however, was undermined by the fact that in the Queensland government had bought land from the Meriam people on which to build a police station.

In turn Giles saw it as nothing more than a criminal act. Unfortunately, the health of the Indigenous people worked against the Indigenous people when the Europeans arrived. He led a group of the Meriam people in a Supreme Court challenge against the Queensland government on the issue of land ownership.

European Settlement of Australia Commenced in 1788 Essay Sample

By the s many were on the point of extinction, others were extinct. By there were upwards ofsheep being cared for by native shepherds in the South-East alone. The destruction of Aboriginal society rests largely on the ethnocentric view of the South Australian Company and the British colonisers, along with their refusal to respect Aboriginal law, leading to drastic consequences.

Instead, a policy of assimilation was beginning to emerge. Consumer durables were few and basically consisted of goods with ritual or religious significance. This new approach to Aboriginal affairs was known as 'protection' policy. European expansionism into Australia was the reason for the near annihilation of Indigenous society.

Convinced that the 'black races' had to die out, the Europeans thought they could make that process better for Aboriginal people by placing them on government reserves or in church missions where they could die in peace. Aboriginal economic sufficiency became largely determined by government policy and Aborigines became dependent on the new settlers for survival.

This country was occupied at the time by the Ngarrindjeri people. Those trying to survive in a traditional manner gathered around degraded waterholes as their land was fenced in, and traditional food sources destroyed.

European Settlement of Australia Commenced in 1788 Essay Sample

As squatters began to claim unoccupied land outside the boundaries set by Governor Darling, they began to encroach more and more on Indigenous sacred sites, hunting grounds and food supplies.Essay Topic: European settlement in Australia provided the catalyst for the near destruction of Indigenous society European settlement had a negative impact on the Indigenous Australians and it provided a catalyst for the destruction of Indigenous society.

Invasion of Australia essaysInvasion, Settlement or Colonisation For over 60, years Aboriginal people lived on this continent, owning, caring for and being sustained by the land. With their deep knowledge of nature and respect for the environment in which they lived, they developed a successful.

Racism is a problem for Aboriginal Australians. This includes occupation of Aboriginal land under the ‘Terra Nullius’ principle, assimilation, the stolen generation, and Aboriginal Australian’s health. Before the arrival of European settlers, Australia was probably inhabited by as many as different tribal groups of Aboriginal peoples.

This practice occurred “from the earliest years of European settlement in Australia” 2, until the early ’s. However, Kensworthy believes that “the tragic results is still felt in the lives of aboriginal people”3, even to this very day.

There is a history of around 40,00 years of Aboriginal economic independence, both prior and subsequent to European settlement. Prior to there existed a situation amongst the Aborigines which is sometimes referred to as 'original affluence'.

Essay on European Settlement in Australia Provide the Catalyst for the Near Destruction of Indigenous Society Essay Topic: European settlement in Australia provided the catalyst for the near destruction of Indigenous society European settlement had a negative impact on the Indigenous Australians and it provided a catalyst for the destruction.

European settlement of australia essay
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