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The availability of prime agricultural land is limited by the steep mountain slopes. Gender roles In general, both men and women in these upland communities are involved heavily in economic and community work.

Wet rice production in these highlands remains limited to an average of bundles of paddy per household per year for various reasons as explained in the subsequent statements and reflecting the capacity of the household members to manage. FGDs and key informant interviews were also conducted to gather information.

The harvested sugar cane has to be processed to make sugar and basi. Key informants claim that the infant mortality rate has fallen due to rising educational levels and the presence of a permanent midwife.

In communities where women play crucial roles in economic activities, even where these remain unquantified, the value of the results within the framework discussed in the methodology in Section 2 are relevant inputs for future developmental work. The humidity is higher than in most of the country and varies depending on altitude.

Mga kaibigan, ang computer ay malaking tulong sa ating mga mag- aaral. Microhydro power project in Tinglayan, Kalinga The case study set out to investigate whether indigenous women were empowered through the introduction of a community-based renewable energy technology, namely a microhydro power project, in Tinglayan, Kalinga.

Lighting is one of the major benefits of the projects mentioned by both men and women. Salamat at nagkaroon ako ng guro. The system generally operates from 4. Na magiging daan sa pagbabagong ating inaasam. Women have also found more time to help men in the planting of rice and the management of the rice fields.

It was also mentioned in the male FGD that the purchasing of appliances highlighted the wide range of economic capacities of families within the community.

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Pine and pithwood saleng are respectively used to provide fuelwood and light. Despite this situation, all the residents can freely tap the waterfalls for irrigation and water supply, and gather twigs and branches for cooking etc. The remainder are taken up by swiddens kaingin and terraced farms.

Further, since this study has shown the successes and opportunities created by RE, up-scaling community-based renewable energy projects will ensure development and empowerment of all stakeholders in the community, especially women.

Thus women save time to work on other productive activities such as cropping and making abaca twine. Energy programmes have increasingly focused on gender issues and initiatives, and have resulted in the development of national and international networks on gender and energy.

Women help by carrying black soil to be spread and levelled on the fields. Bawat kaartehan na iyon ay may kani kaniyang istilo nang pagpapakita.

Further, the study included only two of the three communities benefiting from the MHP project. Ito ang makinang na kasaysayan ng ating mga ninuno. Alam ba ninyo na sa buong mundo, Pilipino ang tinitingala ng mga dayuhan pagdating sa kulturang kinamulatan? Labor kag litigation lawyer nga may opisina sa Pasig kag sa madali na lang, sa Capiz.

“Nakabubuti ba o Nakasasama ang Pagpapalaganap ng Paggamit ng FACEBOOK?”

Since poverty reduction and gender equality have become important goals for development institutions, studies on RE are now being explored for their potential to serve as models and approaches to respond to the needs of these institutions.

Further, the success and opportunities created by renewable energy as demonstrated through this study also suggest that scaling up community-based projects on renewable energy will ensure development and empowerment of all stakeholders in the community, especially women who are so often overlooked.

The resolution was subsequently approved by the Bureau of Public Schools. Na kahit hindi ko nagawa ang kanyang mga itinakda ay sasalubungin pa rin niya ako ng matamis na ngiti, ngiting nagpapahiwatig na kahit ako ay may pagkukulang ay siya pa rin niya akong tatanggapin. However, this project was discontinued injust over half way through its planned duration of Lighting has brought health benefits too — reduced incidences of eye and respiratory diseases are reported due to reduced exposure to wood and kerosene soot.

The men in Tulgao who weave baskets are now able to make more baskets in a month with access to lighting. Guro ko na gagampanan ang kanyang maharlikang tungkulin na hindi naghihintay ng kapalit.

Further, discussions with members of these electricity cooperatives revealed that these communities were unlikely to be connected to the grid within the next years due to the distances involved coupled with the rugged terrain which made connection expensive.

Women play the major part in the production of legumes and vegetables. Kung ang bawat kabataan ay mapapabilang sa isang legal na palakasan, mapapalayo sila sa bisyo.

Sapagkat tayong mga Pilipino ay kilala bilang matulungin, mapagkumbaba, masunurin, at magalang na lipi.Ito ang paraan ng paggamit ng mga kabataan sa mga makabagong tsk tsk hindi ba’t edukasyon ang natatanging kayamanan na hindi mananakaw ninuman?

Ito ang natatanging sandata na maipagsasanggalang sa lahat ng pagsubok ng buhay. The essay was a popular form of expression for the early writers. As early as essayist expressed the need for literature that was native and national. Many essays first appeared as newspaper columns and later they were published in anthologies.

The Arithmetica may be the major work of Diophantus and also the most prominent focus on algebra in Greek mathematics. It’s a assortment of problems giving statistical solutions of both determinate and indeterminate equations.

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